Worship – Third Step to Freedom
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Worship – Third Step to Freedom

Two months into my journey to freedom, I woke up with 2 lines of a poem in my head.  I immediately wrote it down and thought I could get back to it later when I had time with Jesus. At this point, our business had come to a stand still and I had started substitute teaching for income. Later that morning, I was giving the kids a test and I remembered the lines of the poem.  I had really no idea what to do about it but I took the paper out of my purse and started to write some more.  I felt God gave me the whole poem.  It just flowed.  I had never done that before and when I read it out loud, it sounded more like a song. I read the song to a songwriter friend of mine and he reminded me that God had told him about a year earlier that he and I would write a song together.  Having never written a song before , I had forgotten all about it.  He quickly helped me rework the poem, wrote the melody, and voila it was a song.  I can’t tell you how blessed I felt that God had given me this song. God knows my heartstrings so well.

I love music and I really love worship. I write down song titles that tug my heart and then I print them and paste them into my journal. Some songs from this time period (April 2009) are, I surrender all, and Come Holy Spirit by Bryan Duncan, How He Loves ( I still love this song) , Be my Everything and my own song, Singing over Me. I can’t help but hear the songs in my head as I read the lyrics and then end up singing them out loud.  I also created a playlist (Called Suzy Soak) with my favorite quieter songs.  I love Julie True and Worship without Words by Bethel Music.

Worshiping during this time, while experiencing my deepest fears, was a lifeline. I didn’t know what sacrificial praise was at the time.  I just knew that I loved God and to sing out loud, sometimes with tears, sometimes on my knees, sometimes dancing around, was healing. God meets me and I can feel His presence.

Psalms 100.4 “Enter his gates with thanksgiving , and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless him name!

My journal has scriptures, songs, excerpts from books I’m reading, revelations from God, prayers, dream lists, declarations and of course my thankful section.  It’s basically my current journey.  I plan on sharing on each one of these areas in posts to come. But honestly, if I have extra time that morning…  My hands are palms up, and I’m listening to worship music and hanging out in God’s presence. God is so faithful and in his presence I am undone, and heaven and earth become one.  Here in your presence all things are new, here in your presence everything bows before you…


Singing over me by Suzy Boyle and Yuani Ruiz

Vs 1

When I wake, I hear praise

I hear the birds calling out Your name

In my heart it’s echoing

My Lord is singing over me.


Oh my Lord is singing over me

He is singing over me

He takes great delight in me

My God is singing over me

Vs 2

When I look out, I see praise

I see the mountains and the trees

A shimmering symphony

My Lord is singing over me

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Vs 3

When I pray, I feel praise

I feel joy rising up within

In my heart, a melody

My Lord is singing over me

Return to Chorus


With Outstretched arms my God cries out

I love you my precious child

Go out in joy be led in peace

I love you, I made you just for me

Zeph 3:17

The Lord you God is with you.  He is mighty to save.  He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with His love He will rejoice over you with singing.

Love it!


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My name is Suzy Boyle. I am on the road to restored health, living in freedom and embracing life. My goal with this website is to empower you to do the same.

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