Why Use Organic Lip Balm?
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Why Use Organic Lip Balm:

We’ve all seen the variety of lip balms at the check out counter in the grocery store. And let’s be honest, they sell them there because buying lip balm is often a last minute decision. You see it and think, “Oh that’s right, I am out of lip balm” and into the cart it goes. But the truth is, we need to use a little more caution when buying lip balm. Many commercial lip balms, have chemicals, petroleum jelly, artificial skin softeners, synthetic ingredients and fragrances that you don’t want coming any where near your lips… or your mouth! Gross!

Conversely, organic lip balms provide great benefits for chapped lips and do not contain harsh chemicals or pesticides that are harmful to the body. They contain natural ingredients that have many health benefits. They not only heal cracked lips, but also shield them from further damage.

Beeswax lip balms are common because they not only moisturize and soften your lips, but they also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help heal, protect, and prevent harm to your lips caused by environmental stressors like UV light, pollution, and extreme temperatures.

Here are 10 clever ways to use lip balm other than on your lips.

  1. Massage it into your cuticles, especially before bed. They’ll be soft and pliable when you wake up.
  2. Put some on a Q-tip to clean up your eye makeup in a pinch (avoid using mint around your eyes).
  3. Forgot hand lotion? Swipe some balm on really dry patches. Rub hands together to warm it up and make it more spreadable.
  4. Heal cracked fingertips during winter; whenever you apply balm to your lips, cover the cracked area with a nice thick layer too, to seal in moisture and protect the area.
  5. Dab along your cheekbones later in the day to shine up dull skin and look glowy.
  6. Tap a little around your eyes to hydrate and minimize fine lines (avoid using mint around your eyes).
  7. Use it to keep wayward brow hairs in place, like brow gel.
  8. Mix some with eyeshadow to make eye gloss, when you’re going for a dewy finish.
  9. Tame flyaway hairs by using a bit of lip balm as product.
  10. When you have a cold, apply some lip balm to your nose after you use a tissue, to protect the skin from getting all red and irritated.

Suzy Homemaker lip balms have a  Rich and creamy texture that softens lips and provides perfect amount of protection. It has a magical mixture of moisturizing shea & cocoa butter.

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We offer a variety of lip balms. Always on hand are Original and Mint. Original has the added benefit of pomegranate seed oil which helps prevent moisture loss. The Mint lip balm has just a touch of mint gives your lips a little tingle and sweet taste. Seasonly, we offer fun flavors that provide the same protection and moisture benefits. 

Lip Balms make great gifts, and are perfect to have on hand all around the house, your pocket, your purse, your car, and your backpack.

All Suzy Homemaker products are made from Natural and Organic Ingredients, Hand Crafted and are Nutrient Rich.

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Suzy Homemaker products are handcrafted and nutrient rich. All products are made with Organic and Natural ingredients.

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