Why I make my own Organic Body Butter?
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Why I make own Organic Body Butter and now more good things for your skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs a significant amount ( 60%) of what we put on it. If we’re putting organic foods in our bodies, then why not use organic ingredients on our skin too! I had never really paid attention to the ingredients before.  If it smelled good, I bought it.  As I started to dig around a bit about what was harmful or possibly toxic, I realized that there is a ton of information about what you shouldn’t be putting on your skin.  When I examined the lotions that I had at home, the list of ingredients on the bottle were long, with a lot of long words. I decided that like the food I purchased, I knew the less amount of ingredients on the package, the better.  I was armed with new information and went shopping.  I turned over many containers and squinted at the label. Even the “good stuff” had the first ingredient being listed as water.  No wonder, lotion doesn’t keep my skin moisturized for very long.

Body Butter

 This all led to researching making my own body butter.  I love making things and also love the research.  I am a total geek about this stuff. I bought the ingredients online and made my first batch.  I was surprised how well it turned out.  Through some trial and error, I refined the process and my ingredients.  I now only use Organic and I just love it.  (List of ingredients and their benefits.) By the way, don’t be fooled by the words “Natural Ingredients”.  In the cosmetic industry, “natural” is not held accountable. Only “Organic” is held to steep restrictions.  I have been making my own body butter and have added more good things for your skin to my product line.   It’s been a lot of fun to give it away as gifts and of course use for myself.  Even my husband likes it.  If you are interested in trying some for yourself click here.

Organic Lavender & Lemongrass Body Butter

My journey to better health has been a discovery process.  Some things I take in and others things I leave behind.  I love the prayer, “Jesus, Help me to keep what is mine and leave behind all that is not.” One step at a time.


Suzy Homemaker products are handcrafted and nutrient rich. All products are made with Organic and Natural ingredients.

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