Six Benefits of Using Toner
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What’s the Point of Toner Anyway?

I can’t tell you how often I get asked if toner is really all that beneficial to a facial routine. And I get it, it seem’s like an unnecessary step. Especially, when you remember toners that did more harm than good. However, that isn’t the case anymore. Toners nowadays are created to deliver results to every skin type and give your skin things it ACTUALLY loves. I’m talking nutrients, moisture, and acidic exfoliation. Below, I have laid out 6 benefits of using a toner and will hopefully convince you to add one to your routine.

Six Benefits of Using Toner:

  1. Help balance Skin pH

Toner helps rebalance your skin’s pH. Skin is naturally slightly acidic, with a pH around 5.5. Cleansers are usually alkaline to remove dirt and excess oil from your face, so using a toner after cleansing will help your skin return to its normal acidity level. Maintaining the optimal balance in skin pH levels is an important part of preserving the health of your skin (and avoiding breakouts). Toner also removes any last traces of cleanser or makeup that may still be lingering on your face.

Why use a toner? Because it’s important!

  1. Hydrate and nourish skin

Toner rehydrates your skin and helps rebalance your skin’s pH level. Using toner can help you:

  • Help increase skin moisture levels
  • Help boost your skin’s natural hydrating ability
  • Help soothe and nourish your skin after cleansing, helping to balance the moisture levels in your skin
  • Prepare the skin for subsequent treatments by helping prevent moisture loss as a result of environmental conditions, such as air conditioning or dry climates
  • Help improve the look and feel of healthy-looking complexion
  1. Remove dirt, oil and impurities

Not only does this pollution cause premature aging, but it also breaks down collagen and elastin, which are the two components that make skin look youthful. Think of it this way: Toner is a quick final step in your daily routine to remove any impurities that may have been missed by your cleanser and/or makeup remover. Additionally, toners are a great addition for those with acne-prone skin, as they help rebalance oil production without over-drying or stripping the skin of its moisture

  1. Shrink appearance of pores

Have you ever looked in the mirror and found that the appearance of your pores was suddenly more noticeable? Maybe they look larger than usual or even clogged with impurities like dirt, oil, and makeup residue. These are some of the most common causes of enlarged pores, which can be frustrating since pores are naturally occurring and actually important for healthy skin. Luckily, using toner regularly can help shrink their appearance!

With a quick swipe over your face with a cotton pad or ball, toner can aid in shrinking the appearance of large pores by removing excess oils trapped in them. Toner is also an excellent way to refresh your skin throughout the day or after a workout to wash off sweat without stripping away its natural moisture.

  1. Add antioxidants to skin
  • Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are unstable molecules that break down healthy skin cells. Free radicals are caused by things such as smoking, pollution and UV rays.
  • Antioxidants can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging by hydrating your skin and stimulating collagen.
  • Antioxidants can help improve your skin tone and texture by reducing the amount of free radicals on your skin. Free radicals may cause inflammation, which in turn causes sagging and dark spots on your skin.
  • Antioxidants can help reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. Broken capillaries are unsightly red veins beneath the surface of your skin that look like spider webs or tree branches. These broken capillaries occur when small veins widen because of age, stress or cold weather exposure.
  1. Add anti-inflammatory benefits to skin
  • Rose Hydrosol: While other ingredients like rosehip seed oil or rosewater may help soothe inflammation, you can also look for a product that contains rose hydrosol, which is the water derived from distilling fresh roses. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory and fragrance free, meaning those with sensitive skin can likely benefit from it.
  • Chamomile: A common ingredient in toners, chamomile is another natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that will help calm redness.
  • Aloe Vera: This tropical plant has long been used to soothe sunburned skin and provide relief for psoriasis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also great for soothing and healing acne flareups as well as dry skin.
  • Lavender: This herb is often associated with sleep aids, but it’s calming scent also makes lavender an excellent choice in a toner—especially if your face feels irritated or red. Look for other ingredients like hyaluronic acid to combat any dryness you may experience after using this type of toner.

Calming, soothing and toning benefits of organic ingredients

Nature has provided us with a number of organic ingredients that offer gentle, non-irritating benefits to the skin. They are safe to use on sensitive skin and will not cause redness or blotchiness. They are also free of toxins, chemicals and preservatives which can lead to irritation and cell damage. Organic toners are commonly used for soothing inflamed or irritated skin, calming redness or blotchy skin, as well as restoring the natural pH balance following exfoliation. Rose hydrosol is one of nature’s most effective remedies for inflamed, irritated ski; it is even known to reduce scarring from acne and other wounds. This cooling mist has become an essential ingredient in many facial toners because it has potent anti-inflammatory properties and offers an immediate cooling effect that feels amazing on the surface of your skin! It is also wonderful at diminishing redness caused by breakouts and dermatitis.

Suzy Homemaker Toners are made with Organic and Natural Ingredients. They are hand crafted and nutrient rich.

AHA Facial Toner is used after cleansing the skin. It removes any impurities left behind after or from cleansing, balancing the skin’s pH level, and it also offers the added benefit of shrinking pore size. The lovely toner is made with Rose Hydrosol and smells just like a true rose. Your face will feel smooth as silk.

Exfoliates the skin using Natural Fruit Acids and AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), Removes dead skin cells, increases cell turnover, Evens tone and fades discolorations and Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

It will make skin sensitive to sunlight, so it is important to use this toner at night – it will work overnight to deliver the benefits while the skin repairs itself. This toner is good for skin that has experienced sun damage or is otherwise discolored. It is great for aging skin, offers firming benefits, and leaves the skin with a radiant-looking glow.


Toner is essential to any skin care routine.

Toner is an essential part of any skin care routine, as it helps to balance the pH level of your skin after cleansing. Yes, that means you should be using it before applying moisturizer. It’s also a great way to prep your skin for the rest of your skin care routine and helps deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin.

It’s important to use natural products when cleansing your complexion, so seek out ingredients you know will benefit your skin instead of causing damage—think organic rose water instead of alcohol-based products. The benefits are endless when it comes to toner; from helping with acne and oily skin, to having some anti-aging properties, toner can even help calm dry patches on your face. If you don’t use one in your daily beauty regimen now, maybe you should!


Suzy Homemaker products are handcrafted and nutrient rich. All products are made with Organic and Natural ingredients.

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