Organic Bacon?
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Organic Bacon?

Is there such a thing as Organic Bacon?

Yes and no. Organic bacon is bacon that comes from pigs that have been raised just like any other meat that is labeled organic. Organic bacon should be free of antibiotics and preservatives, and organic pigs should be fed organic feed. But pigs are foragers.  They root around and eat about anything they come across. They are not vegetarian and therefore you can’t control what they eat. Happy pigs are allowed to roam. Hence the conundrum.

There is a second issue to consider, that is nitrates.

Nitrate-Free Bacon

You’ve probably heard about nitrates.  Nitrates are substances that help cure foods. The problem is that nitrates used in the curing of meats are often in the form of sodium nitrate, an additive that has been linked to cancer. Some nitrates, however, are naturally occurring, such as celery juice and sea salt, which can also be used to cure some meats,  including bacon.

The moral of this story is that if bacon is cured, it cannot be “nitrate free”, although many brands have started using this wording to attract buyers. Bacon can, however, be free of artificial nitrates, which is something to bear in mind. Whether the nitrates are artificial or natural, however, they only become carcinogenic when burned. Keep your bacon from smoking, and choose natural nitrates when possible.

Now What:

Ideally, If you are going to eat pork, buy from a good source that raises them “organic”.  Happy pigs make better pork.  I get my pork from Roan Creek Ranch,  I buy a half a pig at a time.  It’s about 70-80 pounds and costs $350.00. ( about $4.65 per pound) I get various sausages, chops, roasts and more!  Katherine delivers to your door and has a store in Fruita Colorado.  Love it!


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Remember on the steps – Do what you can and don’t fret if you can’t.

Where to start?


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