Let’s talk about water!
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Let’s talk about water.

Water is Life! One of my steps in going after a healthier lifestyle was cleaning up the water I drink and the water I bathe in.

Unless you get a water purifier, there is good chance that your tap water is filled with heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, drug residues, herbicides, pesticides, and hundreds of other disease-causing contaminants.

We turn the faucet and water comes out. For many of us, that’s the extent of the thought we give to our tap water. However, learning how to purify our tap water, is a big step towards overall health.

Clean water is life!  So it’s no surprise that unclean water can have such a profound effect on our health and well-being. But if the government maintains water treatment plants, do we really need to filter our home tap water ourselves?

Yes. We really do. I am fortunate to live in small mountain community where we have pretty good water. But when I read that  too much chlorine can destroy intestinal flora which can upset your digestion and inhibit absorption of valuable Vitamins, Minerals and fats, I became concerned. It made sense, that if it killed the bad bacteria, it also killed the good bacteria in my digestional track. I completely understand that the government systems need chlorine to protect us from diseases but after doing a bit of research and understanding the harmful affects it could have on my own body, I knew I needed a filtering system.

Water filtering system comes in all shapes and sizes. I spent many hours figuring out what kind of system I wanted and what fit into my current budget. I really wanted the Berkey Water Filter System and hope to have it someday. It meets all my requirements! Click here to check it out.

I settled on the AquaGear. It does everything I need and was about 1/4 of the price! I really do hope to have a Berkey one day but in the meantime, I love my AquaGear. Click here to check it out.

It sits on our counter and I use it for everything. I cook with it, it goes in our espresso machine and of course all of drinking water. (I even take it with us on vacation.) After 150 gallons you will need to replace the filter. For the 4 of us, it lasts about 3- 4 months. I use the subscribe and save feature with Amazon and it automatically ships to me. Click here to check it out.

The AquaGear also provides 6 months of clean water to water deprived areas with every purchase. I love that!


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Bathing Water

Some research indicates that bathing and showering in chlorinated water may actually be more harmful then drinking it. When we bathe, the hot water causes the pores of the skin to enlarge which allows the body to readily absorb the chlorine and associated chemicals. Other research indicates that when we shower in hot water the Chloroforms have much greater vaporization rates and are easily inhaled and absorbed through the skin.

Other side effects are dry hair and dry itchy skin, and premature aging of the skin. Chorine also diminishes the affectiveness  of your bathing and hair products. 

I investigated the various filter systems for shower heads and landed on the Aquabliss Filter. Check it out here. It easily fits onto the shower types and lasts about 6 months. I also have the filter repalcement set up onsubscribe and save. Click here to check it out.

I literally use less hair products and my baths are amazing. I absolutley love it and saw a difference within the week!

Clean water! Paying attention to the water you drink and the water you bathe in is just one more step to a healthier lifestyle. You can always start small and add the changes in as your budget allows. Every small step you take is a step to a healthier future.

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