I am so glad you are here. This is a place that shares my lifestyle, family, food, and DIY Ideas. Feel free to check out the collection of blog posts, and shop my handcrafted, organic/natural skincare products.

Faith, Family, Wellness, DIY and Food since 2015 – One Step at a Time.

My name is Suzy Boyle. I am on the road to restored health, living in freedom and embracing life.

My goal with this website is to empower you to do the same. I am a wife, married 40 years, mother of 4 grown daughters and Nana to my adorable grandsons. My strongest core value is family. Creating safe spaces and coming alongside young people, brings me joy and purpose. I am naturally curious and my nerdy self enjoys doing research and figuring things out. I love sharing things I like, how to’s and hopefully wisdom. I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Regimens and Bundles

Clean and Smart Ingredients. All Products are handcrafted with high quality Natural or Organic ingredients when possible.
They never have parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, petroleum, or harsh chemicals.

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Thankful – First Step to Freedom

Thankful – First Step to Freedom

Thankful - First Step to Freedom I must admit Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. God has taught me so much about freedom thru Thankfulness. For about the last 12 years God has led me out of fear and into freedom thru being thankful. I was completely gripped by fear...

DIY Organic Sugar Scrub

DIY Organic Sugar Scrub

Benefits of Sugar Scrub Discover the sweet secret to beautiful skin with organic sugar scrubs. Packed with natural goodness, these exfoliating wonders offer a myriad of benefits for your complexion.  Your skin will glow in the sweet rewards of nature's exfoliating...

Featured Products

Suzy Homemaker products are handcrafted and nutrient rich. All products are made with Organic and Natural ingredients.

Body Butter

Ultra-moisturizes skin leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated. Vitamin rich!

Bath Salts

Indulging in a bath with mineral rich salts is great for your health. Soak it in!

Face Cream

Improves the appearance of aging skin by hydrating, enhancing elasticity, soothing, and providing a rich source of antioxidants. Love it!

Customer Testimonials

“Seriously cannot live without her chapstick.”

Rachael from Colorado

“I am sensitive or allergic to most products. The Face Cream, OOh La La, has been a blessing to my sensitive skin. I live in the dry dessert and my friends have commented on my face glows by using the Face Cream.”

Kathy from Arizona

“My constant acne from Sebborhea was immediately alleviated by applying the Face Serum twice a day.”

Kevin from Ohio